Havanese Breeder & Coton de Tulear breeder of of the BEST Healthy and Happy  Puppies.

 We are  a thirty five year AKC Show breeders with many AKC Wins.

Please check out the Havanese Pictures, Havanese Puppies and Havanese Standards.

  There is only one Canyon Hills Havanese and we are one of the older breeders of the Havanese.  Many best of breed show winners.  We only breed the best Quality dog.  Breeders that do not Show are only breeding for the money not to better their lines.  Havanese are also called Havana Silk Dogs.  Five Year Genetic Health Guarantee!


Due to my health I am place several younger females and Males.  500.00 placement cost

older dogs will be spay.neutered and teeth cleaned.

Younger dogs will come with their shots and must be spay or Neuter when the time is right

by the new owner.    These dogs I love and only will send to forever homes.

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My phone has not been tranferred to this house so you may not get me by phone 941-488-9095  - or email 


Quality Havanese and Coton de Tulear
Puppies and Show dogs from a 35 year show breeder.-
Happy Healthy Havanese Puppies. Our fine Havanese dogs and Havanese AKC Show Dogs are in Florida and in Michigan! We have been breeding and showing dogs for over 35 years with many AKC Best of Breed Show wins. All Havanese and Coton dogs and puppies live in the home! Some call the Havanese the Havana Silk Dog, but all are the same dog with the same genetic pool.. We have a couple litters a year.  Many breeders will claim their dogs have Champions in their background.  That does not mean that they are breeding the best, they are only breeding .  It means that their dog has a Grandparent that was a champion..  It may be 4 generations back.  ONLY Show breeders are breeding the best and trying to better the breed.   If you do not see show dogs on their site they are back yard breeders just trying to make money from their dogs.  We breed only the best with the best.

The Havanese dog is a member of the Bichon family. The breed is intelligent, and has a tendency to learn tricks quite rapidly. They are playful, and do well with children, canine, and non-canine pets. Training should begin at an early age. Havanese dogs are very easy-going. A quality purebred dog should not show signs of aggression. The Havanese is one happy dog.

The Havanese dog has a long silky coat that can be either wavy or the non preferred
curly. The dog is double-coated which protects it from extreme temperatures. Both the undercoat and the outer coat are soft in Texture. The Havanese and Coton are non-shedding and can be hypoallergenic. The coat is never wooly. It is light and comes in a variety of colors. According to the Standard the Havanese dog may come in any color and no preference to the color pattern. Though bred for being a companion, the Havanese dog is never Fragile and it is fit for families with children. It has strong Legs. The body is slightly longer than it's tail. The tail is carried curled over the Back Remember Havana Silk Dogs are just a Havanese, not another breed.

Welcome to our home in all of our Havanese & Coton pups and dogs are in the home, not in a kennel. We breed to produce our next show potential. We do have pet pups available occasionally. Our dogs come with us to FL when it gets cold. We hope you enjoy our site and if you have any question please give us a call. We are always happy to help you train your beautiful Havanese & Coton de Tulear dogs. We have a complete puppy Information Guide and a Training Guide.

Havanese and the Coton de Tulear

We health screen our breeding dogs, every pup buyer deserves a health puppy. We are dedicated to make sure you will get a healthy and happy puppy

Our Havanese & Coton de Tulear are Bred for Health,
Temperament and Love!

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All pups are here in the home and
under my feet! We love them all!

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 AKC Havanese

The Tropical Havanese Club

The Havanese Rescue

The Independent Havanese Club

This is our veterinarian, Dr. Nelson, giving our pups a complete check up.

We ship pups in the USA via Delta Pets First



We have been breeding and showing the Havanese and Coton for many years and we are known for our deep dark chocolate pups.

The New York Times did a full page on four breeds and they used my dog and kennel for the Havanese. Sarasota Herald Tribune did two pages of pictures of my Havanese dogs, and one of my Havanese was voted as one of the top dogs in Sarasota

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